Update from Alfonso

two-in-costumeDear Friends,
I greatly enjoyed my first fall costume day at TIS. We used to have a holiday something like this back when I was a boy in the middle of the last century. I am also happy to see that we will be having some sun this week.

I’d like to ask that you be sure and get your children to school on time. Students should be in the classroom no later than 8:10 as school begins at 8:15. There are number of reason for kids to learn punctuality. First, work and most of life will require us to be on time. Second, classes begin their daily protocols at 8:15, after which time your child is missing instruction, the layout of the day, important information, and just a chance to organize and prepare for the day ahead. Finally, one’s attendance and tardiness record is on one’s report cards.

As you know our auction is coming up in a couple of weeks, and I would ask that you donate as much as you can to help our BLT special appeal. When students learn through the PYP, they start by asking questions. This special appeal will give them the resources to find the answers to their questions through age-appropriate research, reading and collaboration. The Books part of the special appeal will purchase 44 themed bins filled with multiple copies of non-fiction books and items such as maps, DVDs, and CDs. Each bin will be specially assembled for one “unit of inquiry,” targeted to a specific grade-level, and will include books and items in each target language. The bins will be kept in the library for teachers from prek through fifth to check out when their class is ready to study for that unit.

This appeal, which also includes a drive for Learning resources and Technology (more detail on those next week), directly supports learning for all of our students.

On a final note, in our recent annual report, we neglected to recognize in the list of Board members Paula Prince who was last year President of the PTO and a driving force in helping to get the strategic plan completed. Thanks Paula for all you do for the school.

Have a good week and see you at the corner,
503-226-2496 x103