Thank you from Alfonso

For all your time, energy, good humor, good sense, and incredible amount of work, thank you to all those who gave their time and talent to made the Auction such a terrific and successful event for TIS.
Jennifer Cooperman (co-chair)
Jenn Farmer (co-chair)
Carrie Banks (co-chair)

Tristan Todd (IT, web site, auctionpay)

Bob Knowles (procurement)

Michelle Murff (volunteer coordinator)
Holly Brunk (volunteer coordination)

Paula Prince (special appeal)
Kelsey Cleveland (special appeal)

Dawn Kinman (piano)

Mark Jones (set-up & more)

Matt Schweitzer (sponsorships)
Kate Schweitzer (sponsorships)
Gene Moreland (sponsorships)

Molly Moreland (art show)

Melinda Moeur (slide show & video)

Cheryl Meloy (decor)

Lisa Goldberg (will call)

Joan Francis (registration)

Catherine Buford (catering)

Kat Topaz (program)

Jon Rhodes (photography)
Richard Foote (photography)

503-226-2496 x109