November Scholastic book orders

Scholastic.comYou will have flyers for November Scholastic books in your parent files by 11-13-09. Please return the orders by 11-25-09 to the blue “Scholastic Book Orders” folder on your classroom bulletin board. Most bulletin boards are outside the classrooms, however, some are just inside the door. Please put your orders into the folders so we can pick up the orders without disturbing the teachers. VERY IMPORTANT: please put your child’s name and the teacher’s name on the order form. That way we can properly route the books to your child’s parent folder in their classroom.

Remember, everyone wins with Scholastic Books. You, the parents, can buy books at a greatly reduced rate (some are as low as $2!!) and the school earns points on every dollar spent. The school uses the points to buy books for the library and classrooms.

If you have any questions, please contact Denise Biencourt at