Auction news & opportunities

All we can say the Monday after is WOW WOW WOW and hmmmm WOW!!!!!

Thank you all so much for coming out Saturday night, bidding on some really amazing items that the community procured, raising those paddles high for Special Appeal and making it a fun event. The Chairs all felt a little guilty that we had so much fun -- this was supposed to be all work!!

The volunteers were so well organized and worked so hard, from set-up to registration to will-call, it was a smooth process. Thank you to all who volunteered on every level.

We should be able to announce the auction totals in next week’s ITK as soon as the donations and bills have all shaken out -- and trust me, we are shaking as fast as we can!!

We do know that the Special Appeal raised $56,000 – that’s fantastic and only $4000 away from our goal of $60,000! If you can help with this little gap, simply go to /giving/auction/. Thank you!


If you were not able to attend the event, dry those eyes!
There are two class baskets worth over $1,000 that we will do a silent auction for from Tuesday 8:15am until Thursday 3:30pm!! Just go to Stearns Hall – the baskets and bid sheets will be at Lauren’s desk.
Remember the motto: bid high, bid often.


Never get invited to parties? That’s all changing now!
In Stearns Hall, party boards are going up Tuesday morning. Sign up with your name and your child’s teacher’s name, and leave a check with Lauren (made out to TIS, memo: which party). These are fun community events that we hope all can join and get together outside the hallowed halls of TIS.

ALL THE MONEY RAISED FROM THIS POINT ON WILL GO TO THE SPECIAL APPEAL.... There will also be red envelopes at the receptionists’ desks. If you were not able to make your donation last week and would like to still do so, you can give one of these envelopes to Shelley, Ellen, Jhoanna or Lauren.

Thank you again from the three Chairs for making this a crazed, stressful, chaotic, but wonderfully and spectacularly fun event.

Carrie, Jenn and Jennifer