TIS air & water quality

Indoor air quality in schools is critical not only from a health perspective but also from the perspective of students learning. Good indoor air quality can have considerable impact on a child's ability to benefit fully from the classroom experience. (We all, at one time or another, have had the experience of fatique and agitation that has resulted from crowded, stuffy spaces.).

Last year TIS joined the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) program. This is an ongoing program which focuses on monitoring and improving the indoor air quality. I have committed TIS to this program and will continue with that commitment.

Presently, all of the campus buildings have HVAC equipment that is less than 3 yrs. old (except the smaller modular).The main building had all of its HVAC equipment replaced last year. Filters are changed frequently and the equipment was checked and modified to provide the required fresh air changes for each classroom.

To surpass the IAQ found in most schools and achieve hospital-quality air, we are looking into having UV lights installed to clean the air of germs, molds and contaminants. In addition, during the school year I will be having the air in the classrooms tested for contaminants, CO and CO2 through Mcdonald Miller. This will help guide us as well as verify improvements.

All of what I have mentioned is part of the continuing commitment we have made not only toward IAQ but most importantly to our students.

To assess our water quality, we depend on the City's testing. These results are published for the public online. Last year I checked with the city regarding the quality of the mains that supply our area. All main piping is current with the standards put forth by the government, with much of it being newer (due to the recent development of this part of the waterfront).

Our water quality in all buildings in good. I am presently looking into water fountain filtration systems (in particular activated charcoal filters) to provide fountain water that would exceed most bottled waters in purity.

Your questions are important and I appreciate the opportunity to share with you the improvements to the campus which are usually not so obvious.

Frank Bojanowski
Facilities Manager
503-226-2496 x106