In front of Lauren, Ellen and Shelley’s desks you will see large gray bins that say AUCTION DONATIONS on them… SOOOO all those items that you have procured from your aunts, uncles, parents, neighbors, priests, rabbis, mail carriers, ex-husbands, restaurants, theatres, hotels, motels, bungee jumping shops and disco-techs can be placed inside those boxes. 

On top of the boxes there are procurement letters and donation forms – please tape the white copy onto the item and leave the yellow with the donor for their tax deduction records.

The sooner everyone tosses (or places fragile) items in the bin, the sooner our little fingers can click clack tap tap on the keyboards entering them into our catalogue.  VERY soon we will be putting on the TIS website items that have already been donated to wet your whistle.

If your item is larger than the aforementioned boxes, more fragile than a Faberge egg or something super secret that is for our eyes only until the event, email us at auction@intlschool.org and we will arrange a pick up.

Technology isn’t perfect – and neither are we – so if you’ve emailed us and we haven’t gotten back to you, please do so again.  Emails received are answered within a day – children and jobs willing – but if you do not hear back, then the message may have gotten lost in that great big universe so try try again.

Questions about your class basket or art project?  Contact Molly Moreland at mrmoreland@bpa.gov.  On the edge of your seat to volunteer?  Contact Michelle Murff at mmurff@comcast.net.  These two M&M’s stepped up to head the baskets and volunteer coordination… THANK YOU!

Thanks so much to all those who have turned in your items already – fabulous stuff!!!

Carrie, Jennifer and Jen