RFA Reprieve! New due date: Tuesday, October 27!

See more photos at www.intlschool.org/2009/10/12/run-for-the-arts-photos/

Did your child have a blast on Run Day, helping the school fund our Art/Music/English programs? Is he or she counting on a cool Run for the Arts shirt? Guarantee your child helped make a difference, and guarantee that RFA shirt by turning in your collections and your pledge sheet by October 27 at the latest! (If your child didn't get enough pledges to earn a shirt, don't forget to turn in the order form for a t-shirt, too!)

Forms and donations--with checks made payable to "Run for the Arts" or "Young Audiences"--can be turned in to your child's teacher or Ellen, Lauren or Shelley at the front desks.

If you have any questions such as, "My child didn't run, can we still donate?" (the answer is ABSOLUTELY!) or if you need to know the number laps your child ran contact Joan Francis.(see below for info).

Thank you for supporting our arts program and our school.

Joan Francis, RFA Chair