H1N1 update from Mult. County Health Dept

We continue to communicate closely with the Multnomah County Health Dept. Last week's update to us contained the following:
"Similar to last week, the arriving supplies of vaccine continue to be lower than expected. As a result, the amount of vaccine currently available at doctor’s offices and public clinics remains small. When larger shipments do begin arriving later this month, there will be multiple locations where you can get the vaccine (uyour usual healthcare provider, major chain pharmacies, some public health clinics, some public K-12 schools, some colleges and universities).

"In general, the CDC does not recommend people have their flu symptoms confirmed as H1N1. Selected sampling has shown that nearly all cases of Influenza Type A this season are H1N1 and can be assumed as such."

AT TIS we continue all our precautions including lots of handwashing and continual disinfecting of door knobs, banisters, bathrooms,  sending sick children home, etc.

If you have questions about or are interested in having your child vaccinated, please check http://www.flu.oregon.gov/ or call the Statewide Public Health Hotline 1-800-978-3040. We will not be having a vaccination clinic at school.