Alfonso's news

Greetings Friends,

Seems flu is here with, as I understand it, 20 students out today, but we are hanging in and washing our hands and keeping our chins up. We’re riding it out, and if we can get done with it in the fall rather than the winter, so much the better. Reminder, please, please do not send students back to school until fully recovered- meaning until at least 24 hours after fever has subsided without fever medication such as Tylenol. Also, as fever generally subsides in the mornings, best to see that the child has no fever the night before returning to school as well.

We have received the phase I feasibility report on the Custom House, and the board had a special session this past weekend to map out how we will analyze it. Trustees are actively reviewing and verifying all elements of the report. We will keep you informed as we make progress.

As we come up on the Auction this year, we have already talked about the Special Appeal being focused on BLT: Books, Learning Resources, and Technology. On the Technology side, we're looking at how to further incorporate information technology in the classroom; in particular, how to get more hands-on ability for our kids. Be clear that our goal isn't to learn technology for its own sake, but to appropriately use it as a tool to improve the PYP process of inquiring and constructing meaning.

In other words, the goal isn't to learn spreadsheets, but the goal might be to explore how to interpret and communicate information through graphs by creating them in a spreadsheet. Similarly, in an inquiry-based curriculum, the Internet becomes a critical resource, so we need to allow its exploration and discovery in a safe, age-appropriate way.

Although we have some ideas developing, we're not technical experts, and we would like to restart a Technology Committee with parents who are interested in volunteering to help us develop, design, and implement these ideas. Please contact Jhoanna at to sign up.

Have an excellent, healthy week.