Vision, speech & hearing tests

Susan Rohrbacher, M.A., C.C.C., Language Speech Pathologist, will return this year to provide our students with vision, speech and hearing screening services. In the past, we have depended upon Mrs. Rohrbacher’s expertise in identifying potential problems that can affect the academic and social development of our students.
Participating in this program is strongly encouraged for all students aged three years and up. Speech screening is recommended for children through the third grade unless the parent or teacher has a concern with an older student’s speech development.

This screening program is far more thorough than that usually performed at public schools or the pediatrician’s office and the cost is at a much reduced rate of $49 for all three areas; vision, speech and hearing, or $19 each, for one or two individual areas screened. Screening results are sent home for the parents and Susan Rohrbacher is available to speak with the parents individually, regarding those results and/or possible referral resources if needed.

Susan Rohrbacher will be here to administer the screening program in the first week of November. Screening sign up forms will be sent home prior to the screening date and should be returned no later than the date indicated on the sign-up sheet in order to be included for this service.

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