News from Alfonso - Oct 12

Hi Friends,
AlfonsoWe had a terrific presentation on differentiated instruction last Friday morning (teacher professional day) and then we worked on our PYP Program of Inquiry in the afternoon. It was a very productive day, so thanks for minding the kids for us!

Regarding flu, the parent of our first patient has said that the student had sniffles for a week before starting the flu; then, one day a headache followed by fever that night. Enter flu. The young man is doing fine. Lots of people are having sniffles and coughs that are not the flu, but once you see that fever, often with body or headaches, KEEP YOU CHILD (or yourself) home.

Secondly, regarding pick up drop off, a few points, if I may:
1. Stay off the phone while driving please or get an ear clip device.
2. While parked on a hill turn your wheels toward the curb and always engage your emergency break.
3. Do not park too far back on the street that runs along the front of the playground. There is a no parking sign from just past the swings to the end of the block. If you park back there, other cars cannot get in and out.
4. Please use your signals so people behind you (and I) will know where you are heading.
5. Let's remember to drive slowly please even on those stressful mornings, especially on those stressful mornings.

This Wednesday evening at 6:30, I’ll be hosting a discussion evening on whatever topics are of interest to people. Please let me know if you plan to attend and what your topics of interest are.

Finally, we will go ahead with our grade 3-5 assembly with the Olympic Athlete this coming Friday morning. There is plenty of room for the classes to sit a bit apart from each other in the gym.

If I don’t see you at drop off or pick up, have a good week.
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