TIS Nut-Allergy Policy

The administrative team has now formalized this policy to reflect and strengthen our basic operating procedures for handling severe nut allergies. This policy will be in next year's parent handbook:

The International School enrolls students who have diagnosed allergies to nut and/or nut products. Such allergies are extremely serious. The school, of course, undertakes to provide a safe classroom environment for all of its students, including those with this particular allergy. This means that TIS provides classrooms that are nut-free when the needs of any student make that necessary.

Due to the severity of nut allergies, in cases where the school has received notice from the child’s parent(s) that the child has such a diagnosed condition, the school will declare that classroom to be nut-free. The school will send a notice to all parents of children in that class asking the parents to avoid sending any products containing the allergen to school. The classroom teacher and the teacher’s aide, where applicable, will monitor the food brought into the classroom in the interests of protecting the allergic child.

In the event that a child brings a food allergen product into a nut-free classroom, the faculty member will immediately remove that product from the classroom in order to protect the health of the child diagnosed with the allergy. Alternatively, the child who brought the food allergen into the classroom will be asked to remove and consume that product outside of that classroom, and to ensure that she/he carries no remaining traces of the allergen such as could cause an allergic reaction in the diagnosed child.

Parents of an allergic child will be asked to provide an epi-pen to the school to be used to help the child recover from an allergic reaction in the event that one should occur. The epi-pen must be stored in an appropriate manner in accordance with health regulations.

We appreciate everyone's compliance with this policy.

Stephan Grasmuck

Maria Abad
503-226-2496 x122