The Beverly Cleary Children’s Choice Award Challenge

Help choose the winner of the 2009 Beverly Cleary Children’s Choice Award (BCCCA).

This is an annual book award sponsored by the Oregon Association of School Libraries in honor of Oregon’s own children’s book author, Beverly Cleary. The purpose of this award is to encourage reading by highlighting good quality literature (fiction and nonfiction) written on the second - third grade reading level, taking into account text, format and the illustrations of the books. This contest will encourage books that students may not otherwise find on their own and are not necessarily the popular best sellers. Readers may participate in voting for the 2009 winner by reading at least two of the six books nominated.

What is the BCCCA Challenge?

The TIS Library Media Center is sponsoring its First Annual Beverly Cleary Children's Choice Award Challenge.

TIS students who read, or are read to, all six (6) books will meet the challenge! The challenge runs from January 5 through April 10, 2009. Students wishing to participate must sign up in the library. Students will be given a packet to take home with information for parents who must sign off on each book read. Students who meet the challenge will be honored for their achievement with a certificate and an invitation to an ice cream reception in the Library Media Center. Multiple copies of the books will be available in the school library for checkout. Of course, these books are sure to be available at your local public library or your favorite book store. Copies of many favorite Beverly Cleary novels will be on display in the library during the BCCCA Challenge.

Click here for a list of the 2009 nominees (then click on the image of each book to learn about it.)

More information is available about Beverly Cleary and the Challenge on the Library Media Center webpage located under Parent Resources.

Happy Reading!

Tamara Fornell