Stephan's update

Winter Festival
Both the morning and the evening performances last Thursday were wonderful. I offer my congratulations to the students and staff for such fine work, especially considering the extended weather-related delay in presenting the program. Special thanks to Festival organizer Carol Olson for the over-arching work she did and which allowed the events to run so smoothly.

The audience was at capacity for both shows, something that students and staff always find rewarding. So, thanks, too, to the many parents and other family members who attended and made the performing experience that much more significant for the students.

The Reed College venue proved to be most satisfactory. We certainly hope to be able to make use of such a facility more often as we bring the community together for these important events.

Corbett playground update
It looks as if the school may be able to break ground with the new Corbett deck as early as this week. Frank Bojanowski continues to work diligently on the planning and organizing of this now-legendary project.

Gym flooring
Frank has been working on this project for some time. In spite of the weather delays which may have put the work well off into the future, Frank has been able to arrange for the new floor to be installed this month. There may be some minimal disruption to the rhythms of the school during installation, but the disruption should be short and we'll soon have our new floor. Thank you to all the auction special-appeal donors who made this possible! More athletics renovations to come!

Main building
Construction is winding up in this building. We anticipate having things completed before the end of the month. Last week, the Fire Marshal directed the school to conduct daily exit drills from the Main building only until the final inspection has taken place. The drills have gone so well that the Marshal has indicated that we do not need to practice exiting the building now beyond our regular monthly drills. Thanks to the staff and students for such wonderful work in that area.

Strategic planning
The Strategic Planning process is now fully underway. Meetings have begun, and have included parent and staff input. The focus groups start this week and the school needs more parental input for that process. Please contact Jhoanna Co at to sign up for one of the available dates so that your voice can be heard as we plan the way forward for the school.

PTO meeting
The next meeting takes place on Wednesday this week. Thanks to PTO president Paula Prince, the agenda will again be interesting and informative for parents. See you there.

Dr. Stephan Grasmuck