Vision, speech and hearing screenings

TIS is providing speech, hearing and vision screenings for all interested TIS students.  These screenings will be conducted at the school by Susan H. Rohrbacher, M.A., Language, Speech Pathologist.  The fee is $19.00 per screening or $49.00 for all three.  By taking advantage of this program, you can have your child screened at a considerable savings of time and money.

Forms will be accessible through InTheKnow in early October and must be returned by October 16 with a check payable to Susan Rohrbacher, M.A if you want your child to be screened. Screening results will be available two weeks after screening.


                         SPEECH, VISION AND HEARING?
Knowing that your children will get a great start to maintaining high levels of achievement in school may very well depend on what parents cannot “see” in their children.
Hearing and vision are directly correlated to one’s learning ability, although, without a screening, it is difficult to detect if your child is receiving the visual and auditory messages, especially when they are busy in classroom situations.
We learn much of what we need to know in life through the auditory and visual sense modalities. If these senses are not operating at their best, then we can expect our performance to be affected.
The Optometric Association states that vision can change from year to year especially as children mature.  Hearing ability can also go through changes most specifically after ear infections and colds.
Children who have difficulty hearing and seeing from a young age usually do not suspect they are having trouble because they do not know any differently.  Unless the problem is quite severe, children adapt and become accustomed to the way they hear and see.
Speech and language development is closely associated with a child’s ability to demonstrate what they have learned and how they are thinking and feeling.  A child’s ability to  communicate effectively is an important factor in their success both academically as well as socially.
A routine screening for speech, vision and hearing is an important way that parents can ensure that their children are able to get the messages that are important for both academic achievement as well as social interaction.
Susan H. Rohrbacher, M.A., C.C.C.
Language Speech Pathologist