Possible TIS Sister School in China's Sichuan province

"Sichuan Earthquake - Designing and Rebuilding Schools - New Sister School Opportunity!
We were all rocked by the devastation wrought in China following the Sichuan earthquake earlier this year.  Many TIS teachers, children and parents donated money and other items through Mercy Corps for relief projects.  Now TIS has the chance to take those relief efforts to a higher level - TIS is proud to host, at our September 10, 2008 PTO meeting, members of The China US Center for Sustainable Development, who are working on "Rebuilding China's Schools Sustainably".        
A fantastic team of Portland area architects and designers got together after the Sichuan earthquake to volunteer their time and design a seismically safe and cost effective, fast to build and ecologically sustainable school for China.  The team has already traveled to  Beijing and Sichuan and presented their ideas  to both the central and local government, and has been granted permission to move forward on a prototype school in the earthquake zone.  China intends to have thousands of schools rebuilt within three years.  The design team wants their school to be one of the first so that its technical upgrades will be adopted, adapted and applied in other areas within the Sichuan Province earthquake zone and beyond. 
The design team needs to work quickly to extend its network of US experts, raise money for the project and promote community between Oregon and Sichuan. TIS would like to find ways for our school to be integrated into this project so that our teachers, children and the extended school family can be a part of helping China to rebuild after the earthquake.  Please join us in welcoming this dedicated design team to our school and help us to work out together ways that the school, teachers, children and parents can be involved and inspired by this wonderful project.
For more information about the project see http://www.chinauscenter.org/sichuan_schools/index.html#
Catriona McCracken - parent of Morgan Thiers 2nd grade Chinese."