Construction Update

Dear Parents:
With the start of this new school year, it is wonderful to see the children back and to welcome all of our new families to their first year at The International School. Now that students and parents have seen first hand the construction progress made over the summer, I am providing further details as to the progress we are making from this point forward.

In the main building, we are all but finished with the renovations. Completion of the upper corridor is all that remains for this part of the project. This is a fire-rated exit corridor and provides an important safety feature to the building. Work on the flooring, drywall, and final painting will last about another ten days.
The downstairs classrooms have been temporarily relocated to allow re-construction of the corridor so that it is fire-rated as well. This work should take approximately two more weeks. When completed, we shall regain the classroom spaces there, and gain a new, secure, and enhanced entrance to the school. As part of that project, the Admissions and Business Offices, and the school’s main office will relocate to that area.
The construction in the parking area at the front of the main building is the result of a legal requirement to provide a new ADA parking spot that meets code for location and slope. This work includes building a retaining wall to level the area, new curbs, and landscape and paving. We anticipate that this will be completed next week.

At the Corbett building, we have installed a temporary fence in order to provide a safe play area. We anticipate completion of the permanent fence by next week, possibly sooner. Longer-term plans for a play area at that site will follow in due course. An artist’s rendition of that play area will be available for viewing shortly.

As I mentioned in my previous letter, it became necessary for us to remove some of the trees around the main play area. These trees were diseased and/or otherwise posed serious danger to people in the area. One fallen limb, for example, damaged the tent that normally stands as a shelter in the playground. The tent is being repaired now and will be on-site again once the repair work has been completed.

I must express again my profound thanks to the key staff and parents who provided the talent, energy, and persistence necessary to bring us to such a successful opening of school in these beautifully renovated premises. Anyone who has worked through a construction process knows that unforeseen circumstances inevitably arise and come into play often enough to keep life interesting. We prevailed, of course, and look forward to the many more enhancements soon to come to our school.

Thanks, all, for a fine start to the school year.
Dr. Stephan Grasmuck