Walk and Bike to School Day is Wednesday, October 8

Join the TIS Bike Brigade –
Meet at Salmon Street Fountain at 7:45 AM on Wednesday, October 8.

Want to form a walking group? Think of a good spot to meet others and walk in to school. Walkers can also meet at Salmon Street Fountain with the bikers but may want to meet a little earlier.

Why walk or bike to school?

1. To enhance kids' health
Walking or biking to and from school is an excellent way to add physical activity into every day. Kids need at least sixty minutes of physical activity every day to keep them healthy – and many kids in Oregon just don’t get enough! Walking and biking to school can help improve strength and endurance, decrease anxiety and stress, and help maintain weight. Positive experiences like walking and biking to school will pave the way for being physically active throughout life.

2. To improve the community's health
Walking and biking to school reduces traffic pollution and congestion. It can also encourage parents to walk and bike to school with their kids.

3. To create permanent, safe walking and biking routes
Well-maintained routes designed for walking and biking calms traffic and reduces collisions. Walking and biking to school helps create driver awareness in school zones which increases safety for all!

4. To improve neighborhood livability
Studies show that more people walking and biking in a neighborhood makes people feel better about their neighborhood. It helps make public streets lively and friendly, encourages community interaction, and attracts people to commercial and recreational areas.

For more information – please contact Jessica Duke – jessica@urbatsch.com
Anyone can join the walk or bike in and there is no need to register, but if you think you will join the group, please let Jessica know!