Parent meeting: City of Portland proposed traffic changes 
The City of Portland has proposed major changes to the roadways/traffic flow in this area. These proposals, if implemented, will impact significantly upon this school community.

Please note especially the meeting times scheduled for Thursday of this week.  We will make the same presentation to parents at both 2:30 and 3:30. Please plan to attend one of those sessions. 

There is much at stake for the school. We must make our views known clearly to the City at their Open House on October 7th, 2008 at 5pm.

Please remember to support our school auction by contributing auction items. Kate and Mark continue their hard work on this major fundraiser for the school. They need your help, of course, as we draw ever closer to "show time" on November 8th.

Curriculum evening
Our English department made its curriculum presentations to parents last Thursday evening.  Thank you to all parents who attended.  We like to make that personal contact with you and appreciate your having taken the time to make this possible.

School safety

  • In answer to a question regarding our automated door locks, they remain operational and allow coded access during normal school hours. This includes, of course, our after-school activity programs.

  • We conducted the first of the prescribed set of fire drills last week. All went well and we shall continue with these drills as per regulations throughout the school year.

Classroom update
We are delighted to have relocated our Japanese LowK and Kindergarten and English classes to their properly designated classrooms this week.  We thank again all the teachers, children and parents for your help and patience, and we thank again the parents who assisted with the move-in process. We are progressing through the final stages of the construction in the Main building as quickly as possible.

Stephan Grasmuck
503-226-2496 x109