Run For the Arts

This Thursday is Run for the Arts. Pledge sheets were distributed the week before last and hopefully the kids are getting sponsors! Please, be sure to have them ask only people you know to sponsor them.

Information for the day of the Run:

  • PK (3-yr-old) parents---please drop your child off at the Sherman St gym on the morning of the Run. Your child's teacher will be waiting for him/her there. This prevents them from having to walk down before the Run that morning. They will be walking back--please contact your child's teacher to see if they need parent chaperones to help.

  • Make sure your child is dressed appropriately to run. PK/LK have been scheduled for 20 min runs. Everyone else 30 mins.

  • Send a water bottle with your child. There is no water fountain on the playground and past experience shows that cups of water do not work well.

  • Keep your child's pledge sheet. We will send home the number of laps completed along with further instructions the day of the Run.

If you have volunteered for the Run you should have received an email late last week. If not, please contact Joan Francis at for further information.

This is a really fun event for all involved. If you would just like to come and cheer on a class or two--please join us! Here is the schedule for the day:

8:30-8:50              Pre-K

9:00-9:20              Low-K

9:30-10:00            Kindergarten

10:10-10:40          1st Grade

10:50-11:20          Chinese/Spanish 2nd Grade

11:30-12:00          3rd Grade and Japanese 2nd grade

12:10-12:40          4th and 5th grades

The times should be fairly accurate...but if everyone is ready to go earlier than their scheduled time we will start the group rather than have them waiting around.

If the weather chooses not to cooperate--the Run will be moved to the following Tuesday, October 7th. If this is the case, we will have it announced in next week's ITK.

Thanks for your support!

Tricia Tallman and Joan Francis, RFA co-chairs