It's Sally Foster Time!

October 1 - 17

How does Sally Foster benefit you? Most people need wrapping paper and gift products throughout the year. So why not buy them from an organization that shares their profits with our school?
    Half of all money spent on Sally Foster products goes directly to TIS.

So that $10 gift wrap set you have your eye on will generate $5 in profit for our school. Please take a look at the Sally Foster catalogue, which will be in children's folders later this week, and see if there are any products you might be interested in.

For those of you who are not familiar with Sally Foster, this is an annual fundraiser featuring gift wrap, kids' gifts and stationery, chocolates, and other gift products. All money raised through this fundraiser goes to help pay for Capstone Academic Trips abroad, the trips taken by all 5th grade classes to a country of their adopted culture.

Questions? Please contact contact: Susan Marcus,