English Literacy Program Curriculum

If you weren't able to make it to English Curriculum Night last week, please stop by one of the reception areas (Main, Stearns or Corbett) to pick up the handout - it's a booklet outlining the English curriculum Oregon State Standards by grade, reading & writing ability continuums, and tips to help your child's literacy skills progress along the continuums (in any language). All this information is also available on the TIS web site - look for the English Literacy Program link under the Parent Resources menu. English program newsletters will also be available from this page.

We will host an English Literacy Program information session specifically for preschool parents in the spring.

If you ever have questions or concerns about your child's English progress, please contact his/her English teacher. Teacher photos & contact information are in the front section of your school directory.
English teachers:
Lara Fowdy: laraf@intlschool.org
Britt Prince: brittp@intlschool.org
Teresa Wirshing: teresaw@intlschool.org
Kristie Weldon: kweldon@intlschool.org