Auction Update

Dear TIS Families, Teachers, and Administrators,

Are you wondering what those plastic bins in the reception areas are for?
No, not your recycling. AUCTION!!! Please use them -- we are eager and
willing to collect items from these bins and honestly it makes us feel
needed when there are numerous items to collect. Remember, the deadline for
donations is October 27 and earlier is always better.

We are still on the lookout for event sponsors. Your company will get a tax
write off, plus some great advertising, so consider asking your CEO to be a
sponsor. There are lots of different sponsorship levels available to
accommodate the biggest or smallest of companies. Check out the TIS website
for all of the forms needed to donate and/or be a sponsor (under the "Giving" menu, choose "auction").

Good luck on all of those baskets and art projects. We can't wait to see
the amazing creations made by you and the kids (or just the kids if you're
lucky). We know it can be challenging to get these projects together and we
appreciate all of your efforts!!


Your Local TIS Auction Committee