Curriculum evenings
Last week we hosted two evenings of curriculum information sessions for parents of Japanese, Spanish, and Chinese track students. Faculty presenters were very pleased with such high parent turn-out. Thanks to everyone for your participation. If you were not able to attend, please see your child's teacher to get the information that was presented.

We look forward to seeing parents again at the English curriculum evening on Thursday this week.

Our auction committee continues to work steadily on the details of this important event.  Co-chairs Kate Schweitzer and Mark Jones need parental support in the form of auction items.  Please read carefully the auction communications from Kate and Mark.  They rely upon the on-going support from everyone in this school community.  In addition to the obvious fund raising goals, the auction represents a great community builder and is a lot of fun!

We have installed new curb barriers at Corbett in the parking spaces provided. These curbs serve as a safety measure by keeping vehicular traffic well back of the pedestrian sidewalk. The barriers also prevent vehicles from rolling up onto the sidewalk inadvertently.

Safety and Security Committee
Parent Dale Biencourt is sharing his knowledge, expertise, and time as he chairs a committee focused on addressing the school's safety and security policies.  The recommendations of this committee will enhance the school's overal risk management strategies in a number of areas. Thank you, Dale, and each of the members of this committee.  We are making important progress in this key area of school operations.

Non-emergency police contact
Parents who arrive early in the morning at the Main building may know that various people use the fields nearby to spend their evenings and are sometimes still present at 7:00 AM. We have met with the Portland Police regarding the issue of keeping our school areas safe and clear for families as they enter the buildings and grounds.

The police have asked that we call their non-emergency number (503.823.3333) to report the presence of such individuals. The police have responded promptly to our calls each time. Parents can assist us with this issue by calling the same number when they see such individuals in our area.

Tree removal
We have one remaining large tree that must be removed near the upper playground. Two arborists confirmed for us that the tree is diseased and must come down. While many of us will be saddened to see the loss of the tree, the risk to people below makes the decision obvious. Until the removal process is complete, we have marked the area with yellow tape as out of bounds.

Construction materials
In response to a parental concern about the nature of construction materials the school is using for our newest projects, I referred the question to our Facilities Manager, Frank Bojanowski, for the correct information. Frank’s background is extensive in these matters.

I am pleased to report that the materials and adhesives used in the remodel of the school do not contain any VOC's (volatile organic compounds), aromatic or otherwise, such as would off-gas. Frank reports, too, that a variety of agencies and certifying labs oversee much of the material industry. With today’s controls over construction techniques, the industry is monitored closely.

The only synthetic materials used in the classrooms are the paint, which is water based, and the carpet. The carpet satisfies not only the fire code but is also approved for hospital use.

The air system we use provides for fifteen complete interior air changes each hour using fresh air. We are participants in the EPA Indoor Air Quality program, implementing their guidelines for full certification.

Stephan Grasmuck
503-226-2496 x109