SquareGator update: after school science curriculum

Hello SQUAREGATOR Families,
It is a new school year full of new opportunity and new things to learn. Here at SquareGator, learning doesn't have to end when the school bell rings. We are growing right along with your children and this year we are expanding our program to include an all new science curriculum.

There will be rockets and strange goo, bubbly liquids and lightning from fingertips. Our talented and creative staff eagerly awaits your children to join our team of discovery. We are going to set off into the unknown, uncover the mysteries of the natural world and expand our knowledge and scientific skills. We will learn what it means to be a scientist and discover the tools and methods of science. Our team of discovery will teach and inspire our kids to explore together and through our independent learning centers, we will encourage them to make their own discoveries.

Our journey will begin by exploring our own senses and what they tell us (and what they don't tell us) about the world around us. Our path will then wind us past the workings of everyday machines, the nature of the earth beneath our feet, the world under the waves and in our rivers, the plants, bugs and animals we see every day (and some we don't), all that we see in the sky and beyond. Throw in some cleverly disguised physics, chemistry, and biology with songs, games and activities, full of good humor and teamwork and we are sure to have lots fun along the way.

Hope to see you on the trail of discovery!

Becky Llanes
Owner & Operator
SquareGator, Inc.

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