"All-parent" e-mails . .

Please expect an e-mail from TIS Updates every Monday (or very soon thereafter!) reminding you to look on-line for the updated InTheKnow newsletter. Aside from that, school policy is not to send all-parent e-mails unless an issue meets all three of these criteria:

1. We become aware of its urgency mid-week
2. The issue really can't wait until the next Monday to be communicated
3. A delay in communicating would cause parents to miss a critical deadline or opportunity

If you are planning a program or anticipate a communication need, please plan accordingly. The deadline for submissions to InTheKnow is Thursday at midnight (3.5 days before publication). We can handle exceptions now & then when really necessary, but please know that exceptions do stress the system and our wonderful volunteer ITK Editors.

As always, feel free to contact me with any questions or comments.

Linda Bonder
Marketing & Communications Director