Dear Parents:
As we begin the third week of school, I want to provide you with an update on the school’s construction projects. I also offer some information regarding our work on the communications aspect of school life.

Students and staff are certainly enjoying the newly renovated areas of the school. These renovations have brought about major, important changes which enhance the educational experience for your children.

As part of the construction process, we know to “expect the unexpected. “ The need to make changes in various areas always arises as we comply with 2008 building code standards.

Following is a summary of the remaining construction work to be done, along with anticipated times of completion.

The playground fencing was completed last Friday. On the lower portion of that play area, we have installed temporary carpeting and provided toys for the children to use in that space.

With the upper play area, we shall have a covered deck in place. A conceptual drawing of that plan appears in the foyer of Corbett. A re-drawing of that plan is taking place now as we comply specifically with ADA, CCD, and City requirements. We are aiming to have this completed for the third week of October. When the upper deck is completed, we will have a better idea as to how to finish the now-carpeted play space. We intend to have that finally completed by mid-November.

Main building
The ADA parking spot now requires more work/modifications following the most recent City inspection. It will likely take two more weeks before we have that completed. Once the parking area is finished, there will be a proper fence with a secure gate installed according to code provisions, thereby securing the outside “corridor” located between the classroom module and the main building access door.

In the interim, for security reasons, the classroom doors on the module classrooms will remain locked, including while classes are in session. Children who need to move from the module to the main building for breaks will do so in pairs.

On the lower floor, the two classrooms will be available to us by the end of September. Again, we were directed by the City inspector to complete more work in that area. The new administrative offices and new reception area should be accessible in mid-October.

We have been directed to do some renovation to the stairways leading from the mezzanine level to the third floor of the building. Once again, this must be done in order to comply with the latest code standards. We shall complete one stairway at a time, beginning in October. Until the work is complete, the other stairway will of course be used for both ascending and descending between the floors.

The upper hallway is now essentially complete. We experienced delays in delivery of the flooring and anticipate that this area will be finished by mid-next week.

Communications plan
Linda Bonder and I are working toward formalizing the paths of communication among the many constituents at the school. A lot of work has been done in this area in the past year - both in infrastructure and content. We are now doing more work on the model to add structure around this important aspect of the community’s functioning. We will keep you informed.

I wish for everyone a wonderful week.


Dr. Stephan Grasmuck