PTO Notes

Thank you to all the of the many families who attended the 1st PTO meeting of the school season.  We had a packed agenda but were able to make it through most of the scheduled topics.

  • Dr. Stephan Grasmuck started off the evening with an introduction of himself and his background in education. He spoke a little about his perspective of TIS in the short time he has been in his position as well as hopeful accomplishments for the upcoming school year. He specifically discussed the many construction projects that are ongoing on the campus presently and expected due dates for completion.

  • Michelle Kerin, Board President, gave an update on board activities as well as a synopsis of summer activities. Highlighted areas included the Head search and Governance Committees.

  • The China US Center for Sustainable Development delivered a presentation about sustainable rebuilding of schools in the Sichuan province, an area that was devastated by the recent earthquake.

  • Committee reports including Auction, Scrip and Run for the Arts were presented. Check out this week's ITK for related articles.

  • Parking during drop off and pick up can be difficult and I know parents are often in a hurry but administration asked me to remind parents to please not park in the fire lanes or at the top of the circle on campus. Parking in the fire lanes can be dangerous as well as block traffic flow. Also, administration has asked that drivers not talk on cell phones while driving on campus - PLEASE.

  • During the open forum, concerns were raised regarding the safety and security of the facilities, specifically the upper modular. These concerns are currently being addressed by the facilities committee and Dr. Grasmuck has addressed this subject in his article for this week's ITK.

  • Several parents have requested a bike rack for the Corbett building. An order has been placed with the city but there is a two-to-four month wait. In the meantime the lower bike rack near the playground (unused) will be moved to Corbett Street to facilitate their needs.

The next PTO meeting will be on November 12th and I hope we have as great a turnout as we did last week; great schools are characterized by an involved and active parent body. It is your PTO so if there are any specific topics you would like to see addressed during these meetings please let me or a fellow PTO officer know and we will add it to the next PTO Agenda. Keep an eye out for a formal record of the meeting minutes which will be posted on the website as well as on all community boards on campus.

Paula Prince
PTO President 2008/09