Library notes: kinders, book reviews, and thanks!


All kindergarteners will receive a blue tote bag to take home during their first library class. This bag is to be used to transport library books and book reviews to and from school. Please help your student to remember to use his or her bag. It is intended not only to help protect library materials but to help our young library borrowers keep track of their books.

Student Book Reviews

Students are encouraged to review books from the TIS library or from home. This has been wildly popular and engages students in discussions about basic literary elements while improving literacy skills in English and/or the track language.

K-1 students draw a favorite scene or character from a book; students in grades 2-5 may choose to write a review or to create an artistic response to a book. Reviews can be presented orally to the class and are stored in a binder for reference.

Parents can be a great help to their children as they work on these at home. Ask your children about their books. Some questions we discuss in class are:

  • Who are the main characters?

  • What is the setting for the story?

  • What is your favorite part?

  • Did you like the ending?


Thank you to Elizabeth Wolf, Steve Shaff, Kimmy Simon, Aaron Miller and Bill Gray who spent part of their Labor Day assembling the new IKEA furniture.