Auction Auction Here We Come!!

November 8th is the big day for this year's auction. This year's theme is "Game Show." Unfortunately Bob Barker was not available to MC, but we are sure it will still be a fantastic event. We have a lot to do to get ready for TIS's biggest fundraiser of the year. This fantastic event simply doesn't happen without all of us -- the TIS Community. Aside from attending the Auction, there are a number of ways for you to participate: join the Auction Committee, work with your class on the Auction Art Project and
Basket, procure items to be auctioned off, or ask your company to be a sponsor for the event.

The Auction Committee is a great way to meet new people outside of your track and take care of those volunteer hours. The various sub-committees are: Procurement, Marketing, Tickets, and Sponsorship. Of course we also need volunteers on the day of the event.

Some of the most unique items at the auction are made by our children. Each class is responsible for an art project and a basket. Projects and basket themes must be submitted by September 26. Projects and baskets are due on October 27 when there will be an "Auction Preview" held in the gym.

We strongly encourage each family to donate one item, either something that you purchase or procure from another source. No item is too large or too small, we appreciate all donations.

Please visit the TIS website for more exciting auction information or contact Kate Schweitzer at .