Welcome Families!

Dear Parents,

I am delighted to welcome your family to the start of the 2008-09 school year. We are excited as we look forward to the commencement of classes next week on Wednesday, September 3rd.

It has been a busy summer at the school. Many significant and positive changes have transformed our facilities as we open the new Corbett building and open several new classrooms in the Main building.

Corbett offers a bright and welcoming learning atmosphere for our youngest students. The transformation of that building for our purposes has been very rewarding indeed.

The Main building, too, has undergone much-needed alteration. As we near completion of the first phase of construction for this space, we now have four enclosed classrooms on the top floor. These will be ready for the opening of school on September 3rd. Many thanks, in advance, to our parent volunteers who will come in over the weekend to help us to arrange the furniture in those rooms in time for opening on Wednesday morning.

The new classrooms are bright, inviting, and will provide wonderful learning environments for our students. We anticipate having to provide the usual final touches to the hallway areas during the actual first week of school, but the rooms themselves will be ready for school as planned.

The lowest floor with its new front entrance for the building will be completed within a short time frame. This work will affect the first floor classroom operations. We shall relocate those classes to other classroom space in the building for a short time.

Finally, for safety reasons, several trees have had to be removed from the perimeter of the playground area. The space now has a much more open appearance and, most importantly, has become a safer play space for our children. We are reviewing plans to plant new trees where appropriate and safe to do so.

With the construction work now in the completion stages, please note that we have moved the registration process to Stearns Hall. We ask that all parents, students, and other visitors avoid the area around the playground and also the Main Building. We must continue with the work in progress.

Thank you all. I look forward to meeting you in the opening weeks of school.


Dr. Stephan Grasmuck