Meeting Minutes: Annual Meeting of the TIS Board of Directors

The TIS Board of Directors reported on the school year's numerous achievements and announced new initiatives at its well-attended annual meeting May 22. The Board elected Michelle Kerin as president, succeeding Rich Read, who completed his second three-year term. The Board reelected Kim Marcus as vice president, Mark Holman as treasurer and Michael Hummel as secretary.

Some highlights from committee and staff reports:

  • Tuition revenues set a record for a third consecutive year. Contributions to the Annual Fund doubled last year's donations, with 66 percent parent participation. Full-time faculty members received a record increase in compensation. The school passed its independent financial audit with flying colors.

  • Admissions applications have broken another record. Almost 200 families visited the school during the year, double the number five years ago. Student retention is up.

  • The school won accreditation from the Northwest Association of Accredited Schools. Following training sessions, teachers are preparing to introduce the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program in the fall.

  • The Human Relations committee has created and revised TIS job descriptions, formalized review processes for teachers and the Head of School, prepared a broadband compensation plan and reviewed and updated employment policies.

  • The school spent $312,000 to purchase an adjacent lot appraised at $800,000. The school is preparing to lease a nearby building on Corbett Street for more classrooms.

  • A Strategic Planning task force is developing a 15-year vision for TIS in preparation for a campus Master Plan.

  • The Board is recruiting new members and renewing some terms. Don Mazziotti, Andrea Bartoloni, Ted Welch and Binny Arcot are ending their terms.

Also at the meeting, Rich Read reported that the Board had carefully reviewed letters, emails and comments from parents concerned about faculty morale, teacher compensation, the Head's performance and the role of the Board. He said that the Board had met and voted unanimously in favor of four initiatives to address these concerns:

  1. A new Issue Management Procedure, enabling faculty and staff a clear procedure to resolve issues, questions and conflicts that arise in the workplace was enacted. This policy is being translated into the three languages for staff to review. The policy was introduced to the staff at its weekly meeting on Tuesday May 27 by Phil Sylla and Board members Kim Marcus and Michelle Kerin. Staff was encouraged to review the proposal, and if necessary propose comments and revisions to ensure that the procedure was appropriate for the school.

  2. Human relations training for all staff and faculty.

  3. Cross-cultural communication training for all staff and faculty.

  4. Services of a mediator to address communication and conflict in the workplace.

Parents asked questions and raised points on topics ranging from the new initiatives to employee background checks and the selection of educational materials.

The Board would like to thank all of the parents and staff who attended and submitted comments and proposals. If you want to know who is on the school's Board of Trustees, the names are located on the school's website.