PTO Notes

Hello Everyone,
Next week is teacher appreciation (May 9th) and our school Ambassadors (Amy K - SpK, Debbie R  -S
Sp1, and Holly S - SpK) have been hard at work planning a very special breakfast and lunch for our teachers. Do thank the ambassadors for their hard work and thoughtfulness when you see them and remember to let the teachers know how much we appreciate them each day of the year and especially next week.

Also, I would like to thank Molly S (Ch-PK & K) who without much fuss, single-handedly organized the McMenamins “Friends and Family night” that pulled in approximately $1500 to benefit technology at our school. Kudos to Molly for a job well done and thanks to everyone who took part in the event!

The last PTO meeting of the year is around the corner. We have an exciting and relevant agenda planned and I hope that all of you can make the meeting or at least part of the meeting.
As you may already be aware we have been looking for ways to provide a lunch option at school on all 5 days of the week. Evan Remington of “Organic Fresh Fingers” will introduce us to her company and products. We are considering adding “Organic fresh Fingers” lunches to the school’s lunch line up along with Pizza and Bento boxes.

The English dept will take time out of their busy schedule to join us at the PTO meeting and update/educate us on details of state testing. What to expect? Does the student have to prepare for it? Several questions along these lines will be answered.

Phil or Maria will address the many safety concerns that have been raised during this school year and the plans to address the issues, thus making our school a safer place.

I will provide a brief wrap up of the year covering the changes we made this year and things that still need to be done.

Following this will be the most exciting event of the day “PTO officer elections” for the 2008-2009 academic year. Watch out! If you don’t show up to the meeting you raise your chances of being nominated and voted into one of these positions (just kidding). I hope that many of you have been thinking about these openings as well as the various committees that will need chairs next year. We hope that you can fit one of these opportunities into your plans for next year.

Finally, Ellen has been masterminding the “First International PTO potluck” to be held at the PTO meeting on May 14th. Look for her note in the ITK that provides more information on the details of this event and do join us for the potluck. There will be a variety of foods to sample and excellent company to enjoy the festivities with.

See you all at school,
Binny Arcot (PTO Pres. Going, Going almost Gone)