News from the Library Media Center

A large order of Japanese language books has recently arrived from Japan. These books are currently being cataloged and processed by Akiko Soehl, a library volunteer. Mrs. Soehl plays a key role in the library and has not only donated dozens of Japanese books, but has learned to catalog and process them as well.

The Library Media Center is the recipient of two grant awards in April. The first award is a We the People "Created Equal" Bookshelf from the National Endowment for the Humanities. The library will receive books in English and Spanish reflecting this fundamental value, its role in American history, and Abraham Lincoln’s contributions to our understanding of human equality. The second award is for Japanese teaching materials and books from The Japan Foundation. These materials will be kept in the library for teacher and student borrowing. Thank you to Akiko Soehl who researched and wrote this grant for the school.

Tamara Beecroft-Fornell