I Have a Comment on an ITK Article . . .

As you explore the new International School website and the new home for “In The Know”, take a look at some new features that make finding the right information and sharing information easier.

Already, a few of you have found you can add comments to the articles about School Lunches by Organic Fresh Fingers. Your comments on the site, and those sent to the author, have resulted in a follow-up article that answers many questions. Please take a look, and take the opportunity to leave your comments!

To see if an article is accepting comments*, scroll to the bottom of the article, and click on “Leave a Comment.”

If the article accepts comments, the screen will show any previous comments, and will say, “You must be logged in to post a comment.” Click on the words, “logged in” and you’ll be brought to WordPress login screen.

Click on “Register” under the login box, and follow the prompts for a username of your choosing, and an email address.

Almost instantly, an email from WordPress will arrive with your password. When you log in with the username and new password, your Profile Screen comes up, and you have the opportunity at the bottom of the screen to change your password.

Once you have registered and logged in, you can make comments when that feature is available! You will see your comment, but notice that the comment “is waiting for moderation.” That means someone will review your comment before it is posted, usually within 1 working day. No one else can see your comment until the moderator reviews it.

Watch this space for more articles about the new features on our new website! Leave a comment to let us know what questions you have about the features you see!

As the new site and our processes mature, we will accept comments for more articles. As always, feel free to talk to any member of the administrative staff (Phil, Maria, Linda, Rob, Jan, Carol, or Shelley) if you have comments or questions about what's going on at school.

*Not all articles have commenting enabled. In fact, at this point, only the articles about School Lunches by Organic Fresh Fingers have commenting enabled. If an article is not accepting comments, when you click on “Leave a Comment,” it will say at the bottom of an article, “Comments are closed.”