Head's Corner


Celebration is in order. The school has been awarded Full Accreditation status by the Northwest Association of Accredited Schools. This is a landmark event, the first time the school has been fully accredited.

In the first paragraph of the “Findings” section of The Evaluation Report, Dr. Richard Darst, NAAS Executive Secretary for Oregon, wrote, “The Response Team recommends moving the school from provisional accreditation to full accreditation. Overall, the Response Team found the school to be substantially in compliance with all 8 Northwest Association of Accredited Schools standards. The school recognizes there are areas where additional attention is needed, and the school is working towards compliance in all areas.”

Earning Full Accreditation Status is the culmination of several years work on the part of the teachers, administration, and Board of Directors. Accreditation is a distinction, but it is also a process. The process, one of self-improvement, does not end with achieving Full Accreditation, but continues throughout the life of the school.

On April 30, Dr. Darst, leading a Response Team of four educators, visited the school to 1) validate the completion and accuracy of the school’s self-study; 2) verify that the school meets the NAAS standards; 3) facilitate development and implementation of an effective school improvement plan; and 4) provide commendations and recommendations to enhance the school’s quality.

Copies of the NAAS Evaluation Report as well as copies of the TIS Periodic Self-Study will be available at the Board of Directors Annual Meeting next week. Both are also posted on the school’s web site.


Alex Franchek, TIS custodian and manager of A&J Janitorial, now uses only non-toxic ecologically safe cleaning agents.