YMCA Mile Run, This Week


If you still have not given permission for your child to be driven to the downtown YMCA track Monday, Tuesday, or Friday this week (May 19, 20, or 23), please take a moment now and email me your approval  to rbrigliatis@yahoo.com I need to have this for EVERY child in first through fifth grade.

This event is one of the President's Challenge events.  I always strive to bring our students into the 85th percentile nationally.  This last week I had all first through fifth grade students run a practice mile so they are very familiar with the distance this year. At school they are challenged by a cracked sidewalk and two hills.  I am very happy to report several students are scoring upwards in the 100th percentile and above!

For the mile the 85th percentile is as follows:

6year old:      10:15
7year old:      9:22
8year old:      8:48
9year old:      8:31
10year old:     7:57
11year old:     7:32

Robert A. Briglia
Director/Instructor Physical Education
(503) 226-2496 x257