TIS Garden Needs Your Hands and Help

Great way to get those final volunteer hours.

Have you noticed the flourishing garden on the hill? Thanks to Priscilla Lane-Kappes (a parent of a TIS alumna) the teachers and children of the kindergarten and first grades, we have a beautiful and bountiful garden. But, the weeds are growing and crowding out our fruit trees and berry bushes and we need hands and help.
Once or twice a year many of us pitch in and have a lot of fun working in our TIS garden. We are organizing a work party on Saturday, May 24th starting at 9am. The fruit/berry terraced hill needs tough but careful weeding, especially around each berry bush. Please bring gloves and tools for tough weeds (mostly thistle and grass).
We also need help watering the garden this summer. If you are coming to TIS summer camp consider getting a head start on your volunteer hours by watering our garden. I did it last summer and always enjoyed being amidst the beautiful vegetables and flowers. If you are available at all, please call Priscilla at 503 239-0496 to sign up.

Thank you!!

If you have any further questions please contact Ellen Goldsmith at ellengoldsmith@mac.com