Time Again for the Mile Run @ YMCA Track!

Hello to all TIS families of First grade and above.

I am very excited for our annual mile run event at the YMCA track. All 1st - 5th grade students will do a timed mile at the YMCA track to complete the President's Challenge. All of these students have already run more than a mile during PE class. This year the runs will be on MONDAY MAY 19th and FRIDAY MAY 23rd. Children should wear running shoes, shorts and bring a water bottle.

In order for your child to participate, I must have your permission to transport him/her to the YMCA track on Macadam during the normal P.E. class on May 19th or 23rd. TIS parent volunteers will transport the children, just like on field trips. I have e-mailed and given out permission slips - please return the slip to school or send me an EMAIL with your child's name and your okay (rbrigliatis@yahoo.com).

I will need parent volunteers to transport children. The volunteers will also help with the "sit and reach" flexibility test. I will need at least 5 to 6 volunteers for the larger P.E. classes. Please let me know if you can help.

Please take the time to mark your calendar of the following:

9:00AM Fernando Spanish 3rd. 14 students

9:50AM Wenny Chinese 2nd. 12 students

10:40AM Maria Spanish 4th AND Hong Chinese 4th. 17 students

11:30AM Jennfer Chinese A 1st AND Mieko Japanese 1st. 21 students.

1:15PM Ivonne Spanish 1st. 19 students.

9:50AM Sharon Chinese 3rd. 12 students.

10:40AM Yukako Japanese 4th & 5th AND Constanza Spanish 5th AND Ya Fei Chinese 5th. 19 students.

11:30AM Cynthia Spanish B 1st. 12 students.

1:15PM Hu Nan Chinese B 1st. 13 students.

2:05PM Masami Japanese 2nd & 3rd AND Pilar Spanish A 2nd. 18 Students.

This is my fourth year running The President's Challenge Fitness Test. All students age 6 years through 5th grade participate in the same 5 events that many parents performed when they were in school.  The mile run is by far my favorite event. The children are much farther along than in any year past.  The Chinese second grade decided to use their 'free time' to continue running during our distance day and two children ran 4 miles, with almost all the remaining children running 3 miles on that day.

Kindergarteners will run a 1/4 mile course measured out in the lower playground during one of their PE classes in May.

Thank you,
Coach Robert

Robert A. Briglia
Director/Instructor Physical Education
(503) 226-2496 x257