International Pot Luck at the PTO Meeting, Wednesday, May 14th

Everyone in the TIS community (parents, teachers and staff) is invited to participate in the end of the year international pot luck at our last PTO meeting on Wednesday, May 14th. Here are some questions that you might be having and need an answer to:

Q1. Do I have to bring food in order to come to the PTO meeting?
A1. Absolutely not. However, we would love to try anything you can bring.

Q2. How much food should I bring?
A2. One dish that can serve 6 along with a serving spoon.

Q3. Do I have to make the food or can I buy it?
A3. It would be great if you could cook it, but hey we are all busy men and women so we do understand that not all of us will be able to bring a home cooked dish. It is perfectly okay to sweat behind a hot steering wheel as you drive to the grocery store to pick up something rather than sweating in front of a hot stove.

Q4. Do I need to bring silverware or plates/napkins?
A4. No you do not need to bring silverware, plates or napkins. We will take care of these details.

Q5. Do I need to bring any drinks?
A5. No you do not. We will supply the beverages.

Q6. Will I have access to a microwave?
A6. Yes. All classrooms have a microwave an you are welcome to use them.

Q7. Why are you doing this?
A7. We believe that it will make the end of year meeting a celebration of all we have achieved together and it will give us all a better reason to come to the PTO meeting and hang out together.

Any further questions feel free to contact Ellen Goldsmith at

We hope we see you and look forward to breaking bread together!