Facilities Upgrades / Please welcome . . .

Please welcome Frank Bojanowski, TIS' first Facilities Manager! Frank comes with a wealth of experience in facilities management, and a wonderful, practical, problem-solving approach. Having Frank will allow the school to manage our facilities proactively, and to get any facilities issues resolved more quickly.

Frank just started a couple of weeks ago, and he will be taking on many of the facilities upgrades that our administrative staff (mainly Rob Timmons - thank you, Rob!) has been working on this spring:

- The "Main Building" is getting a new HVAC system (part already installed and part upcoming). The new system will be a lot more efficient than the old one.

- All building are getting a new passcode entry system (perhaps you have noticed additional security pads outside the doors). This will not affect parents (the keypads will remain), but keep the buildings more secure after hours and on non-school days. The new system will allow for secure entry without setting off the alarm.

- We continue to experience problems with the network connectivity in Stearns Hall and the large modular (Modular #3). We have been getting equipment upgraded and are working closely with vendors to fix these issues once and for all.

- We have a lot of campus security upgrades planned - Phil and Frank will be talking about them at the PTO meeting Wed May 14th.

- We will be installing a see-through darkening material to the street-facing windows in Stearns Hall. This will help keep the heat and bright sun out and save on air conditioning. (Thank you, Maria & Shelley!) I understand that we will actually see some sun this spring some time, so we are getting ready.

- Plans are moving ahead for main building renovations as Phil wrote about earlier this spring. This summer will be Phase I, which will include creating real walled classrooms in half of the upstairs (other half will be part of Phase II) and giving the English classes more space on the middle floor. We are also hoping to get some work done this summer to improve the main floor of the main building - stay tuned. Many, many thanks to Elda (parent, Sp-2nd) who is putting in many, many hours in construction management!

- This summer we will be replacing the flooring in much of the large Modular, and painting all over the campus (can you help?)

Thank you for your patience with all this work. There is certainly more to be done, but we are excited about how far the campus appearance has come in the last 18 months and about the upgrades now on the docket.

Linda Bonder, Marketing Director, Lbonder@intlschool.org, 503-226-2496 x104