News from the Library Media Center: Student Book Reviews!

Students are encouraged to review books from the TIS library or from home. This is wildly popular with the lower grades and helps students to engage in discussions about fundamental literary elements while improving literacy skills in English and/or the track language.

K-1 students draw a favorite scene or character from a book; students in grades 2-5 may choose to write a review or to create an artistic representation of a book. All students present their reviews orally during library classes. Reviews are displayed in the library media center or stored in binders for others to peruse.

Parents can be a great help and resource for the students as they work on these at home. Ask your children about their books. Who are the main characters? What is the setting for the story? What was your favorite part? Do any of the main characters change during the story?

These are just a few ideas we discuss in class.

Review by fourth grader Jared K.

YAKU : A Book about Yaks in Tibet by Anna and Clara Gustafson and Kathy Schroeder. Hardcover, 27 pages, c 2006.

The authors are Anna and Clara Gustafson and Kathy Schroeder and photography was done by Kathy Schroeder. “Yaku” is a book of haikus about yaks in Tibet.

A haiku is a Japanese poetry form having three lines of 5, 7 and 5 syllables. One poem is about yak poop and how much you can build with it, and another poem is about yak meat and what you can make with it and what it tastes like. Another poem is about yak cheese. It tells about how important it is and what it tastes like. It also shows many pictures on other things you can make with yaks.

My favorite poem is "High, dry not much food / Yaks can't be picky eaters / eat, little, often." And my favorite picture is the one in the end where it shows Potala Palace, the place where the Dalai Lama lives.

It is not only a fun book to read, but it teaches you about how yaks are important to the Tibetan people. So you are learning without even knowing it! The pictures are beautiful. It makes you feel like you are looking at the real thing!