Head's Corner: 2008-04-08

The view from the top of Caruthers Street is dramatically different now that the old apartment building is gone. The Cobb Structure, garden, Main Building, and Modular III have jumped into view as well as (on a clear day) Mt. Hood in the distance.

Now, it’s easy to imagine the unified campus – from Caruthers to Grant Streets with Naito Blvd on the west - envisioned in the Strategic Plan. On the next sunny day, why not hike to a good vantage point and look for yourself? Walk west up Caruthers Street (turn right at the Music Room end of Stearn’s Hall), south from the Main Building along Naito, or from Sherman Street, up the knoll to the Cobb Structure.

Apply your imagination to campus planning. What’s the best configuration for The International School Pre-School, Elementary School, Middle School Campus? What facilities do you see in our future? The Campus Master Plan Committee welcomes suggestions.

Immense credit for the rapid and safe removal of the fire-destroyed apartment building goes to Board Vice President Kim Marcus.