Annual Giving - Your Participation Counts!

Thank you so much to those who have already made an Annual Giving gift this school year!

If you haven't donated yet, please take a few moments right now to give for 2 reasons:

  • Annual Giving goes directly to support teachers and classroom materials

  • Your support tells charitable foundations that we are worth their support!

ANY amount counts - it's your participation that matters. As of Friday, April 4 at 9am, the participation rates for each class are below.

Please help get those numbers up there. We need everyone. I'm buying ice cream sandwiches (the healthiest kind available!) for each class that gets to 100%!

See more information, get a pledge form or donate securely on-line at It will only take a minute. Pledge forms & envelopes are also in all the buildings & will be accepted by any receptionist.

YuYen 29% Wenny 21% Ferran 21% Hideko 21%
Shirleen 20% Sharon 42% Adela 14% Yuko 0%
Helen 27% Hong 14% Ivonne 6% Akiko 25%
Aiyun 20% Yafei 67% Cynthia 25% Mieko 14%
Tina 40% Vicky 6% Pilar 45% Masami 20%
Qiong 14% Mary 19% Fernando 0% Yukako 44%
Jennifer 8% Lucy 33% Maria 11%
Hu Nan 29% Jossie 0% Constanza 25%