Welcome to the new TIS web site and the new ITK!

Many, many thanks to Pete (parent, Chinese K) for his very generous time, his insight, ownership, and abilities – this new web site and the new InTheKnow would still be only a dream without him. (and he made all this work fun!)

Many, many thanks to Colette (parent, Chinese 2nd) for her incredible dedication to keeping us all informed with InTheKnow over the years and for her continued stewardship of InTheKnow!


-          ITK is now accessible through the www.intlschool.org home page – it will always be there for your easy access.

-          The new ITK has four types of information:

o     ITK Hotlist: these are time-sensitive items, needs or opportunities that ask current parents to take some action. If you have time for nothing else, please at least review the ITK Hotlist every week. Hotlist items will be short and to-the-point.

o     News & Information: Notices, resources, accomplishments, kudos, or other news items for your information.

o     Columns: this is where you’ll see regular communications from your Head of School, Principal, PTO president, Librarian, Green Committee, and others. “Regular” will mean “weekly” for some columnists, and “twice per quarter” for others. When columnists have specific needs or opportunities for parents, they should also submit separate, short-&-sweet listings for the ITK Hotlist.

o    Classified: paid advertising (actually free if you’re giving something away!)


-          ITK will be posted every Monday, usually by noon. Current families will still get a reminder by e-mail. Occasionally the office sends a mid-week all-parent e-mail with time-sensitive information - those e-mails will be posted to ITK as they become available.


-          All ITK information from April 8 forward will remain on the site for 12 months. Simply click on “Archives” on the top menu bar.


-          ITK is no longer password-protected, so we have some new publication guidelines:

o     Children’s last names will not be used. To the extent that children are ever mentioned by name in ITK, they will be identified only by their first name and grade. (i.e. “Congratulations to Peter in 1st grade!”)

o     Adults will be identified by first name and child’s grade & track (i.e. “Thank you to Pete, parent in Chinese K!”). Adults’ last names may be used with the agreement of the parent.

o     If volunteers want to post an article but don’t want to publish their personal contact information, they are welcome to:

§  Send their article, their full name & contact information to the school receptionist, then -

§  Send their article to the ITKEditor for publication, with a signature of “First-name, receptionist@intlschool.org”. The receptionist will forward responses to that person.

o     All photos will be run through the school’s photo permission list. Anyone who submits a photo to ITK for publication will need to identify the people in the photo.


-          All old ITKs are still password-protected since they haven’t gone through the above filters. They can be accessed through the “Archives” menu, at “Current Parents Only”. The password is the combined username & password for the old web site, with no space between the words

-          For those who absolutely can’t get to a computer regularly and need a paper copy of ITK, we’re still working on a good way to present it for you – hang in there.

-          Anyone can submit articles for publication in ITK – simply send your material by e-mail to ITKEditor@intlschool.org. Thanks to the new format, please make sure your headlines & 1st paragraphs are informative & to the point.


There are undoubtedly things that we missed in setting up the new site – if you have things to add to our punchlist, please let me know.


Linda Bonder, Marketing Director
LBonder@intlschool.org, 503-226-2496 x104