The English Department Needs Your Help!

What a Great Way to Fulfill Your Volunteer Hours!
Soon you will be seeing a list of the exact type of volunteer help the TIS English department needs. We are calling on you the parents, and your extended family, for help.  Maybe someone in your family is a retired teacher or you have a friend studying to become a teacher, or maybe you yourself have an hour or two per week to help out the teachers and children. There is so much more to teaching than the actual teaching. The TIS English department teaches all children from the first grade and up, and each teacher sees approximately 60 children a day from all the tracks.

We are in need of volunteers (what better way to fulfill your volunteer hours!) to help the teachers in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade English classes Monday through Thursday. Look for specific job breakdowns in future ITK but here is a preview.

We need:

  • In class volunteers to help read to children for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade,

  • In class volunteers to facilitate book clubs on Wednesdays for the 3rd grade on April 23 & 30, May 7th and 28th.

  • In class helpers in 1st and 2nd grade classes (details to follow)

  • We need HELP photocopying!!!! Between homework packets, writing samples and daily curriculum there are LOTS of copies to make each week. Think about spending the time you have after drop off or before pick up helping with photocopying. The copy box is located inside Kristie’s classroom door so it is convenient to grab at any time. If several parents were to share this duty, we would be forever in your debt!

  • Kristie needs your help filing homework in student folders. Filing help is need Wednesday or Thursday afternoons from 3pm – 3:20pm.

  • Laminating classroom supplies such as posters, sentence strips, name tags, student work, etc, is needed after 3:30pm.

The English department thanks you in advance for your support and time! Please contact English teacher Lara Fowdy at to set up your volunteer times.

Thank you!!