Head's Corner: 2008-04-21

New Compensation Plan Starts Next September

At last week's faculty meeting, teachers discussed a Broadband Compensation plan that will offer new opportunities and higher salaries starting in September 2008. The plan rewards level of training in the teacher's area of specialization, experience, leadership, and merit/accomplishment.

The TIS Broadband Plan is based on research of "best school practices" with modifications made for TIS' special needs.

Teachers who are not certified are required to get the credentials to advance out of Band I within four years. All teachers are required to participate in 45 clock hours of professional training every three years. Strong incentives are offered to move to Band IV (Master's degree in Education or Bachelor's degree + 30 semester credits) and Band V (Doctorate in Education or Masters + 30 credits).

The Human Relations Committee, with Board, Teacher, and Administration members, wrote the TIS Broadband plan after a series of meetings throughout the school year. Discussion at the faculty meeting was brisk. Initial reactions seem to be enthusiasm for the emphasis on professionalism and the opportunities for self-advancement.

Phil Sylla
Head of School