Teacher Line-Up 2008-09


Please remember that this is provisional only, and that there may be changes by the beginning of the school year.

Maria Abad




Pre-K #1: Vicky (Spanish), YuYen (Chinese), Hideko (Japanese)
Pre-K #2: Mary (Spanish), Shirleen (Chinese)
Low-K #1: Jossie (Spanish), Aiyun (Chinese), Yuko (Japanese)
Low-K #2: Lucy (Spanish), Helen (Chinese)
Kinder #1: Adela (Spanish), Tina (Chinese), Akiko (Japanese)
Kinder #2: Ferran (Spanish), Qiong (Chinese)
First #1: Ivonne (Spanish), Jennifer (Chinese), Mieko (Japanese)
First #2: Hu Nan (Chinese)
Second #1: Pilar (Spanish), Wenny (Chinese), 2/3 Masami (Japanese)
Second #2: New Teacher (Chinese)
Third: Fernando (Spanish), Sharon (Chinese), 2/3 Masami (Japanese)
Fourth: Maria Lira (Spanish), New Teacher (Chinese), 4/5 Yukako (Japanese)
Fifth: Constanza (Spanish), Hong (Chinese), 4/5 Yukako (Japanese)