Annual Giving – support teachers & classroom resources

Giving AG Group of kids
Rich language and culture.
Individual attention.
Excellent teachers.
Engaging lessons.
Multicultural core.
Broad curriculum.
Supportive community.

These are the values that make The International School a special place. With your Annual Giving support, we can deliver these values every day in every classroom.Please consider making a tax-deductible gift to help us deliver the special International School values every day in every classroom. Your Annual Giving contribution will go directly to support teachers and classroom resources for children today and in the coming years.

We ask that every International School community member participate in Annual Giving. Your participation at any level tells our teachers and students that their work is important to you, that you value international education, and that you support children’s future. Your Annual Giving contribution also impresses charitable foundations - your support tells them that our school is worth their support. Our goal is 100% participation.

Your Annual Giving gift is tax deductible; we will mail you a receipt.To donate securely on-line -

Donate Now Through Network for GoodSimply click on this "Donate Now" logo to donate securely through Network for Good. You will have the opportunity to designate your gift - just type in "Annual Giving". We will send you an acknowledgement and tax receipt for your donation.

Or - Click here for the Annual Giving Donation Form.

Thank you!

Add your support for Oregon's culture. Make a gift to The International School, then make a matching gift to the Oregon Cultural Trust and claim a 100% tax credit (up to $500 per individual, $1000 per couple, $2500 for Oregon Corporations). It's that simple. Learn more or donate on-line at