Head's Corner: 2008-04-14

This year for the first time, the school is bidding for Full Accreditation status with the Northwest Association of Accredited Schools. TIS has been provisionally accredited since 2003.
On April 30, Dr. Dick Darst, NAAS Oregon State Executive Secretary, will visit the school with a team of educators, known as the “Response Team.” The purpose of the Response Team’s visit is to assess The International School’s readiness for Full Accreditation.

• The school must demonstrate readiness in several ways:
• Fulfillment of The International School Mission Statement
• Expectations for Student Learning
• Student accomplishments
• Teacher qualifications
• Meeting NAAS’ Eight Standards
• Plans for continuing improvement of student performance

A Self-Study document presenting evidence-based school evaluation materials will be sent to the Response Team before their visit. The Self-Study is a comprehensive look at the school as it exists today as well as its plans for the future.
The Self-Study document will be reviewed and up-dated annually. It becomes the basis for school planning. Copies will be available for interested parents.
Phil Sylla
Head of School